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We know that surviving abuse can be a terrifying and lonely experience. The Survivor Care Package was crafted with love and thoughtfulness for survivors and we hope it serves as a reminder that you are not alone

Each item in the package is tied together by a unifying message and powerful reminder  from the Quranic verse, “Indeed I am near” (Quran 2:186): in times of happiness and in times of hardship, you are never alone - Allah (SWT) is always with you.
In this box, you will find the following:
  • An “Indeed I am near” jewelry cuff created by HF, to carry this powerful reminder with you wherever you go.
  • A deck of affirmation cards created by HEART, to remind you are worthy of love, care, and compassion.
  • A journal, designed by Savera of SavvyStuff, and a pen, to fill the pages with your own affirmations, reflections, and more.
    We recognize that purchasing this care package for yourself or a loved one can compromise confidentiality. Please be assured that ZUDO will keep any information provided in the purchase of the Survivor Care Package strictly confidential. Below, we offer tips for purchasing for those who are concerned about confidentiality:
    1. If you are purchasing this package for a loved one but you do not want to disclose their name/information and/or you’re worried about someone they live with receiving the package, consider mailing it to yourself and personally delivering the package to them instead.
    2. If you do not want to disclose the full name of the person receiving the care package, consider using only a first name in the shipping details.
    3. If it is not safe to send it directly to the recipient’s home, consider sending the package to a trusted loved one near by who can deliver it to them directly. 
      • Small - 155mm / 6 inch - circumference
      • Medium - 180mm / 7 inch - circumference
      • Cuffs are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit  

      Crafted in 316L stainless steel. The rose gold and gold are 18K plated and the silver is plated in rhodium.

      This tailored plating ensures a rust-free, long-lasting timeless finish that won’t tarnish. Hypoallergenic; safe for sensitive skin.

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